Do Fish Have Fingers?

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Pick something nice out of the wardrobe, he’d said, and she’d taken those words to heart, wandered amongst the racks and boxes and various piles in search of something more suitable for running then a sweater and some rainboots. Hadn’t quite known what to pick, if she was being hinest; spent so much of her time these days with Elevens and Tens and even Twelves, Sexy’d quite forgotten what it was he liked when he was Nine. Bananas, obviously, but Carmen Miranda was never practical whilst one was traveling throughout time and space, no sir.

Finally, spurred on by the thought he may’ve gotten distracted and completely forgotten about their plan for an adventure, the old girl squirmed into a sundress, grabbing a cardigan and some sensible shoes on her way to the console room. “Sorry, got a bit lost—do we really need all of Peri’s tops still?” she asked breathlessly, tugging on her shoes. “Don’t think they’d fit anyone else, very remarkable proportions, that girl. And I think I may’ve found some of Ace’s old explosives, oh dear. Anyway. Improbability Button, wasn’t it?” Sexy grinned at her Doctor, realizing just a beat too late she’d chosen something yellow to wear. Funny. Rather fitting, even.

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    He nodded quickly at her and stopped a man who was one of the people running away from the place. “‘scuse me, sir!...
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    Laughing, she did her best to keep up, to match his long legged strides as they ran, ran, ran. Wasn’t this just a dream...